Sunday, August 29, 2021

Dissassembling Perfectly Good Cars Since 2005

 Your Brand New Car! Again...

After a successful season in 2019, we were looking for new challenges, and settled on the relatively new up and coming Spec MX5 class of cars being built from the 3rd generation Mazda MX5s...not technically called a 'Miata' anymore in the US.  

- Relatively affordable prebuilt cars available, rules allow build your own if you are either skilled or nuts.  (Turned out about 28/72 for us) 

- Nationwide racing in Spec MX5, but compatible with ST5 for NASA or STL for SCCA, and legal to jump into SP for USTCC.  Mazda offers varying contingencies on these classes from good to amazing.

- Parts readily available directly from Mazda or other reasonable sources. 

A few months of stalking the local Copart in Morgan Hill, CA, and I came up with a 2007 MX5 with no body damage, a stick shift, and a blown motor.  I ended up with that fabulous car in my garage for about $1750 after some negotiation.

The winter spent wrestling suspension bits gave way to a pandemic spring swapping and stripping, then renovating and reinstalling around the new TC Designs cage and other safety equipment. Finally a new Spec MX5 motor by Haag Performance, drivetrain installed by BTM Motorwerks, and we had a car ready to hit the track.  

In the midst of the new project the old #100 Spec e30 went to a new home...of course it's only after selling a perfectly dialed in reliable race car and start really taking things apart, when you start to question your sanity for starting over again.  

But first few turns at Sonoma Raceway on our first test day, the MX5 chassis whispered of its amazing potential.  That and leaked oil from a nicked hose, went over sound with the spec exhaust and had a weird hesitation at part throttle...but this is going to be good. 

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